Spring - Icon set for Gnome/Deepin/eOS/Budgie Original

Full Icon Themes black deepin elementary spring white

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/SethStormR/Spring

Available as/for: -

Spring icon set is based on WhiteSur, Bloom and Papirus icon set.
Gnome, Deepin, elementary OS and Budgie is s upported at current time.

Feel free to request icons for applications you are using.

Requests/Suggestions/Bug Report: https://github.com/SethStormR/Spring

For better experience install Papirus: https://www.gnome-look.org/s/Gnome/p/1166289
Last changelog:

Version 2.4 1 month ago

Added: Motrix, Netease Music, wechat (wine), Mitalk,
Added: qv2ray, Spark Store, eog, remmina, shotwell, usb creator,
Added: Ubuntu Software center,


1 month ago

Hi, can you add VSCode, Godot and Spotify icons? Thank you, it looks awesome


S3 8


3 months ago

8 8 great




3 months ago

Thank you :)


Version 2.4 1 month ago

Added: Motrix, Netease Music, wechat (wine), Mitalk,
Added: qv2ray, Spark Store, eog, remmina, shotwell, usb creator,
Added: Ubuntu Software center,

Version 2.3 1 month ago

Alot of icons got new colors
Recolor some of the Device icons
New Scanner, Firefox, Deepin Draw, Gimp, Inkscape icons,
Added: Deepin Downloader,
Added: Transmission, Tilix, Rhythmbox, gnome aisleriot,
Added: gnome Sudoku, Celluloid, Geary, gnome Mahjongg,
Added: gnome Mines, MPV,

Version 2.2 2 months ago

Added: Deepin Defender, Deepin Diskmanager, Tilda,
Added: aeskulap, amsynth, boinc, itch, nut store,
Added: Texmaker, Focuswriter, Pitivi, FF Multiconverter,
Added: Python, Redshift, ExpanDrive, Cinelerra, Flowblade,
Added more mimetype icons

Version 2.1 2 months ago

Added elementary OS support
All mimetypes icons redone
Libre Office icons redone
Fixed: font alignment in the icons
Fixed: Deepin browser
Added many more mimetype icons
Added: Krita, Red Eclipse, Rider, xonotic,
Added: Open Arena, wolfram language, wolfram mathematica,
Added: Wolfram Player, Musescore, Deepin Mail,

Version 2.0 2 months ago

NEW: Mimetype packages icons
NEW: Mimetype audio files icons
NEW: Mimetype video files icons
NEW: Mimetype image files icons
Added Default Application icon
Added: Deepin Browser, Deepin camera, anjuta
Added: rocketchat, Typora, heaptrack, MakeHuman
Added: Natron, Bluefish, 3DChess, anki, Bitwarden
Added: Mgba, isomaster, echo nest,

Version 1.7 2 months ago

Devices icons redone.

Version 1.6 2 months ago

Added: fspy, fs-uae, warmux, (gnome) boxes,
Added: mcomix, Maya, Nheko, dosbox, opera, openxcom
Added: opentyrian, Studio 3T, MongoDB
Redone: XCom 1+2

Version 1.5 3 months ago

Added: Dropbox, dust3D, Duskplayer, electorrent, scummvm, uget, popcorn time, powermanga,
Added: nootka, freetube, EVE, fuse, figma
Fixed some mimetypes icons
Fixed some status icons

Version 1.4a 3 months ago

Fixed Firefox-esr icon
Fixed Libre Office icons
Fixed Spotify icon

Version 1.4 3 months ago

Several icons have been remade to fit the theme more precisly
Added: Akira, Abiword, Allegorithmic Substance apps, Android Studio, Android SDK
Added: Angry Search, cerebro, brasero, k3b, OBS Studio

Version 1.3 3 months ago

EXTRA/BONUS icons: Visual Studio Code (need to be installed manually)
Added: Postman, Julia, javascript,
Redone the "Devices" icons
Added: Status Icons (size 48)

Version 1.2 3 months ago

Added: audacity, amarok, Any Desk, Stacer,Black Magic Fusion, LibrePCB, fritzing, Alva
Added: FreeOffice, OnlyOffice, qbittorrent
Added: Emblems (71+)
Added: Some Status Icons
Steam Games: Kingdom - Two Crowns, Slay the Spire, Skul - The Hero Slayer
changed some of the existing icons

Version 1.1 3 months ago

EXTRA/BONUS icons: Lightworks (need to be installed manually)
EXTRA/BONUS icons: Davinci Resolve (need to be installed manually)
Added: AcetoneISO, waterfox, kodi, timeshift, telegram, astromenace, visualVM, Alien Arena,
Added: Stellarium, teamspeak, synaptic, pycharm, handbrake
Steam Games: Stellaris, Iratus - Lord of the Dead, Crusader Kings 2, Crusader Kings 3
Steam Games: Xcom1, Xcom2, Legend of Keepers, Bard's Tale 4, Pillars of Eternity 1 + 2
Fixed broken DVD icon
changed some of the existing icons

version 1.0 3 months ago

Spring is now full Dark Mode compatible
Added a few extra mimetypes icons
Added: KiCad,FreeCAD,magemagick,playonlinux,simplenote,teams,teamviewer,viber,wechat,wewechat,wine,discord,eclipse,blender
Added: Manjaro logo
changed some of the existing icons
Fixed: Crossover Office icons

version 0.2 3 months ago

Added Libre Office icons
Added: Atom, Brave, VLC, Vitualbox,Audacious,zoom,vivaldi,visual studio code,vim and many more..
Added: 360+ mimetypes icons
Fixed trash icons color
Fixed Deepin Appstore icon
minor spelling fixed :P

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