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Another version of my Win3x theme with a slightly more modern look, more color schemes will be included in the next couple versions. I designed the theme for use with Xfce4. Included is the GTK3, GTK2 theme and the xfce4 window manager theme. This is an early version and my first take with a dark text background so I'm sure there will be some issues. Please feel free to report glitches / bugs so I can fix any issues that come up. To install extract the archive into your themes folder. I have also included a basic Firefox theme I've been working on. To install make a chrome folder inside your Firefox profile directory and extract the archive into the chrome folder.

Known issues:
*There are some issues with this theme and LibreOffice. Right now it's kind of a disaster so I recommend use the environment variable SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN="gtk" in the meantime until I can fix the issues.

*Scrollbar is missing up/down button images in firefox and other mozilla applications. I'm not sure if I can fix this.

** Please install the redmond95 gtk theme engine for the gtk2 version to work properly, it is usually included in the gtk-engines package. **
** For qt5 apps to match the theme you can install qt5ct and qt5-styleplugins and then select gtk2 theme in qt5ct. **
- Make sure to set the environment variable QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct" for qt5 apps to use the theme.**
Last changelog:

0.3 1 day ago

Added more color schemes and fixes.
-Black Leather Jacket
-Windows Standard


1 day ago

8 8 great


0.3 1 day ago

Added more color schemes and fixes.
-Black Leather Jacket
-Windows Standard

0.2 2 days ago

Fixed filechooser dialog colors.

product-maker Azarlawrence 1 day ago 8 great
8 great
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