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"Krimson" now replaces "Crimson" and "Crimson-Dark" which no longer function as designed in Mint 19. Crimson and Crimson-Dark have been discontinued. This bluish-grey theme has crimson and gold highlights and is a refreshing change from the brown and green themes. The panels and various menus match each other better than the theme's predecessors.
GTK is upgraded to ver. 3.2. and GTK 3.0 is also included for those running Mint 18.
Cinnamon elements have additionally been updated...the main menu, calendar, panel music player. etc.
My original Crimson them can still be found @ github,
It was based on Mint-Y-Dark by Clement Lefebvre, clefebvre @
Mint-Y-Dark theme is based on the Arc theme: Link:
Author: horst3180
License: GPL v3

"Krimson" is a variant of "Kobalt", also broken with the last Mint upgrade. In order to get that theme's broken GTK 3.0 to work, the GTK 3.2 .css file from the new and awesome Cinnamox-Rhino theme was used as a template.
The needed code could have been generated quicker by using the Oomox theme generator found here... Great project.
Thanks smurphos @ github! Nice job on your Cinnamox themes.
I did manage to generate some colored Gnome icons (Numix-based) by using the Oomox theme generator. Not bad for five minutes work. It took half an hour to install the program.
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