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Hi everybody,

This is my interpretation of the total flat desktop.
It is a slightly modified version of the famous Numix theme, with no border, flat rounded window buttons and grey selection colour.

Only tested under Ubuntu. Sorry, I don't have much time to improve it

The icon theme is a heavily modified version of Flattr icon theme.
Icons available here : http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=167477

Sorry for my bad english...
All criticisms are welcome and please leave a vote !

Credits to Adalid Gamero for the fixes in V2.1

Last changelog:

2 years ago

V2.2 : theme fixed for Ubuntu 14 & 15. All credits to Adalid Gamero

V2.1 : fixed a problem of transparent checkboxes and radio items in Ubuntu 14. All credits to Adalid Gamero for this fix

V2.0 : new windows and menubar colors. Updated for ubuntu 15

Version 1.2 : temporary workaround for sheets in libreoffice calc under 14.10

Version 1.1 : fixed tabs in nautilus and menu bug under ubuntu 14.10


7 months ago

Should this work with Ubuntu 17.04? The GTK widgets look very different from the screenshot, with almost no decoration, and opening a GTK app spits tons of warkings to the console.



1 year ago

Really love it! I want to see some more icons in this pack. Is it possible to contribute them or ask for them? Thanks anyway!



1 year ago

I love your icon set, just keep up with good work!



2 years ago

Hi I am using this theme on Ubuntu 16.04. The only thing that is not working is the side bar in Nautilus. Somehow only the outline is grey when an netry is selected. Look at the screenshot:
Any ideas how to fix this?



2 years ago

I wanted to change the thickness of the window boarders. In general you just modify some values in the metacity-theme-1.xml file but it doesn't exist. Where it is? Or how can I change it in another way?

PS: Nice theme anyway ;-)



2 years ago

Also, the link to the icon theme is either wrong or dead...



2 years ago

Gnome Look says this is updated on March 4 2016, but Dropbox says the file is 4 months old... O_o




2 years ago

Yep it is. I have uploaded the package some monthes ago, but I didn't update the gnome look page.

Icons are not available to download anymore, sorry. Have a look at noobslab ppa, thank you.



2 years ago

This is look great, cong. But not work in my Cinnamon :(



2 years ago

Hi there,
I do love this icon set! I'm using it with Numix controls and colours, and also yellowstone-master windows, on top of mint 17.2 mate edition, I'm loving it, it's really beautiful! CONGRATS for this great work.
Though there's only one little thing that doesn't work as it should: the notification tray icons! I'm pretty sure those icons are not the good ones, I think they are the default ones... Is there anybody here to help me change it? please. I already tried some little tricks but they didn't work.



2 years ago

using this theme on ubuntu 14.04. absolutely loving it thus far. no bugs. tons of thanks to the creator amazing theme!



2 years ago

This GTK theme doesn't appear to work on elementary OS after extracting it on ~/.themes folder! any trick/fix?!



2 years ago


4 vertical lines appeared when sidebar hover in Nemo.

thanks for great flat theme.
good luck.



2 years ago

Hi.Found a little glitch when using this theme with Cinnamon and Linux Mint 17.2. In settings where there are checkboxes they are invisible until you check them.



2 years ago

Good work, but the icons?
Can you share the wallpaper?



2 years ago

For Copyright reasons he had to remove the icons from this site. However just google Ultra Flat Icons. And use the PPA you find. That PPA is not by him and is distributed in another country so its fine. I think the legal stuff was just about a icon or two that arent free not sure. The theme got really popular so that’s why some annoying people bothered him about that nonsense I belive.



2 years ago

What a great theme this was,very crisp and clear.I'm using it on Linux Mint 17.2 and everything seems to be working very nicely indeed.I would like it very much if you could make a Cinnamon theme with the same ultra high quality as the rest of this theme.I haven't been a fan of flat themes before but i certainly am now!.I installed ultra-flat icons from NoobsLab and that also looked great but a few icons were missing like usb-formatter and usb-imagewriter icons and also in settings applets had the xfce mouse icon.



3 years ago

Nice icons, needs more work and I can contribute 😊

I noted that there are not icons for:

1.- Corebird - a nice GTK3 twitter client
2.- gnome-robots - Part of the GNOME games
3.- swell-foop - Part of the GNOME games
4.- klotski - Part of the GNOME games
5.- lightsoff - Part of the GNOME games
6.- five-or-more - Part of the GNOME games
7.- four-in-a-row - Part of the GNOME games
8.- iagno - Part of the GNOME games
9.- tali - Part of the GNOME games
10.- gnome-nibbles - Part of the GNOME games
11.- gnome-tetravex - Part of the GNOME games
12.- hitori - Part of the GNOME games
13.- quadrapassel - Part of the GNOME games
14.- vivaldi - A brand New awesome web browser made by old Opera developers
15.- vivaldi-snapshot - A brand new awesome web browser made by old Opera developers (symlink)
16.- accessories-camera - For Snap photobooth a really cool cheese like app and rival
17.- eidete - A good desktop recording app
18.- minetest-icon - A good minecraft clone
19.- Polari - The official GNOME's IRC client
20.- steadyflow - A nice download manager
21.- multimedia-photo-manager - A fork of Shotwell, Pantheon photos
22.- translator - A really nice GTK 3 translating app
23.- gtk-theme-config - A good tool for customizing GTK themes
24.- mugshot - About me app
25.- asunder - CD ripping tool
26.- easytag - The GNOME's kID3
27.- kodi - Media center and the successor of XBMC
28.- Bijiben - GNOME note taking app
29.- gnome-taquin - Part of the GNOME games and tile sliding puzzle game
30.- gnome-2048 - Part of GNOME games and a really cool mathematical puzzle game
31.- gnome-books - GNOME eBook manager and reader
32.- armagetronad - A 3D tron like game
33.- fceux (hardcoded on Ubuntu as /usr/share/pixmaps/fceux.png) - NES emulator
34.- gens-gs / gensgs (hardcoded on Ubuntu as /usr/share/games/gens/gensgs_48x48.png) - Sega genesisemulator
35.- supertux (hardcoded on some distros) - A Mario bros like 2D platforming game
36.- supertuxkart_128 (hardcoded on Ubuntu as /usr/share/pixmaps/supertuxkart_128.png) - An amazing karting game similar to Mario kart
37.- evnc - elementary VNC client
38.- gnome-boxes - The GNOME's virtualbox
39.- opensonic - Fan made open source Sonic the hedgehoc game
40.- (extra and optional) am2r - A fan made Metroid 2 remake



3 years ago

Hi, I like this theme a lot!
One that thing I think needs improvement, though, is how the on/off switch displays. Being all gray it is difficult to tell if it is switched on or off at first sight.
I propose that you change the background color of the through part when in active state (gtk-widgets.css line 1745) to something like this:
Quote:background-color: mix(@theme_selected_bg_color, #00ff00, 0.5);

It mixes pure green to the default color. It's much more enjoyable this way.

Keep it up!



3 years ago

What is the wallpaper



3 years ago

how do you get the ubuntu circle style window manager icons for Xfwm ? it gives me the x sqaure icons and kills the look. how do i get it to look like the ones in your screenshot?



3 years ago

@import url("apps/nemo.css");
@import url("apps/lightdm-gtk-greeter.css");
gives error, missing files



3 years ago

What's the setup you are running in the second screenshot?




3 years ago

It's ubuntu 14 with gnome flashback + docky



3 years ago

Can you explain how you got it to look like that, I really like the setup!


2 years ago

V2.2 : theme fixed for Ubuntu 14 & 15. All credits to Adalid Gamero

V2.1 : fixed a problem of transparent checkboxes and radio items in Ubuntu 14. All credits to Adalid Gamero for this fix

V2.0 : new windows and menubar colors. Updated for ubuntu 15

Version 1.2 : temporary workaround for sheets in libreoffice calc under 14.10

Version 1.1 : fixed tabs in nautilus and menu bug under ubuntu 14.10

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