Empire theme Cinnamon Desktop gtk3.22 and up full theme 1.0

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
--UPDATE-- On Metacity and for XFCE users, XFWM- Watching the individual Downloads and listening to some feedback... I have opted to make the Gray Orb version of the XFWM and the Metacity-3 the Default and the Small XFWM and the Original orbless Metacity and XFWM the Alternates. The original or...
7 .4
Jul 28 2020

Archangel-12 Cinnamon theme w/ gtk-NOCSD or CSD and Icon Set

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
I figured it was time to try my hand at putting forth a new original theme. This mess of eyeball burning darkness is the culmination of that effort.Archangel-12 Cinnamon theme. It has got a few odd features, be wary of them...For other Linux Mint users, Included is XFWM4 theme for XFCE and...
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6 .0
Jul 31 2020

Archangel-12 Cinnamon Desktop Theme only

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
This is an alternative Cinnamon Desktop theme for the full Archangel-12 with or with gtk3-nocsd themes found here:https://www.pling.com/p/1405519/This is an alternative Cin theme to that- so this package DOES NOT CONTAIN the Metacity-3, the gtk-2.0 and gtk-3.0 folders. This is for the cinnamon,...
5 .0
Jul 27 2020

Goshujinsama's green tea theme 1.0

Cinnamon Themes by goshujinsama
Goshujinsama's green tea is a theme for Cinnamon desktop manager, is based in the Cinnamon theme from Matcha GTK theme by vinceliuice. This theme is aimed to Linux Mint, so includes a modification of the GTK Theme for Nemo and other programs to match the Cinnamon Theme.Note: This theme doesn't...
5 .0
Jul 27 2020

Teja 1.1

Cinnamon Themes by ju1464
Elegant themes on white, dark blue and blue tones based on Materia Design.Modes:TejaTeja LightTeja DarkTeja DarkestTeja BlackInstallation:Extract file in ~/.themes/ or as root in /usr/share/themes/Recommended use:Teja GTKDonations:If you like my work feel free to Donate.
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5 .8
Jul 02 2020

Desert-Camo Theme

Cinnamon Themes by solsticeman
Desert-Camo is a desert camouflage colored GTK 3.2 theme partially created using Oomox theme generator... https://github.com/themix-project/oomox-gtk-themeUpdated for Linux Minted 19.3 and Ubuntu 20.04 environments.Suru Asprómauros monochromatic icons with camo folders added. The tan icons are...
7 .5
Jun 24 2020

Cinnawood 3D [transformation pack] 2.1

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem
- wallpaper + GTK theme included
6 .5
Jun 23 2020

Windows10-Optimized 3.3

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem
- GTK theme included- icons http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Windows+10+Transformation+Pack?content=171327
6 .6
Jun 23 2020

Fantasma 1.0

Cinnamon Themes by ju1464
Fantasma is a clean, clear and full of transparencies Materia Design theme.Modes:FantasmaFantasma SolidInstallation:Extract the file in ~/.themes/ or as root in /usr/share/themes/Recommended use:Fantasma GTK ThemeDonations:If you like my work feel free to donate.
5 .0
Jun 20 2020

E5150 1.0

Cinnamon Themes by ju1464
Dark colors monochromatic themes based on Materia Design.Modes:BlueCyanGreenOrangePurpleRedInstallation:Extract file in ~/.themes/ or as root in /usr/share/themes/Recommended use:E5150 GTKSimply Circles Icon ThemeE5150 WallpapersDonations:If you like my work feel free to donate.
5 .0
Jun 18 2020