N.I.B. 20190603

Icon Themes by ju1464
Nativity In Black (N.I.B.) is a dark icon theme in which black is mixed as a nexus of union with bright colors. It is primarily intended for use in lights themes, but may also work on darks as well.Installation: Extract file and copy/paste as root in /usr/share/icons/Information: Some icons are...
Rating: 7.3
Jun 03 2019

GNOME Plus v3.0

Icon Themes by Magog64
A third-party GNOME++ icons for more than 20 distributionsAn elegant, flat and modern based on Adwaita icons by GNOME Project✱ INSTALLING Please visit the README file at my GitHub respository.✱ REPORT AND REQUESTDO NOT report and request here. Request and report at my GitHub repository!✱...
Rating: 7.6
May 31 2019

School Material 0.007

Icon Themes by schoolmaterialbob
UPDATE!! I am trying to implement another one of material designs philosophies, namely to use more than one action on an element, to show it's importance, since it is difficult;t to animate icons without your theme. Instead I'm trying another method, color. First, just on the folder components,...
Rating: 7.8
May 28 2019

Zafiro icons 0.9.6

Icon Themes by zayronXIO
zafiro-icons in an icon pack minimalist, less is more. with washed out colors and flat design technique, They are original icons, I have not based on any other product. If you use this set to create your own product, I would appreciate it give me recognition and cites this...
Rating: 8.0
May 26 2019

Buuf Plasma 1.3

Icon Themes by phob1an
Buuf is artwork originally drawn by mattahan [https://mattahan.tumblr.com/] and modified by Shirakawasuna [https://www.deviantart.com/shirakawasuna]. I am re-working it for Plasma 5.
Rating: 7.0
May 27 2019

Shiny buttons 1.6

Icon Themes by ZMA
Shiny buttons. Modification Icon theme Square by EepSetiawan. In this theme there are also icons and others, they are listed in the index. There are all icons for programs from the repositories Debian 9, Debian Sid, Atrix, AntiX, MX Linux, Deepin, Solus, Antergos, Ubuntu 16.04-18.04-18.10-19.04,...
Rating: 7.2
May 25 2019

Boston 0.4

Icon Themes by dchris
Boston is an icon theme inspired by functionalist design.A minimal and elegant look for your desktop. It is intended to be used with GNOME Shell 3.32 or higher and adapt well with Adwaita. For maximum enjoyment, it's recommended to visualize Files/Nautilus content at 100-133%.Do you like my work...
Rating: 7.4
May 25 2019

Numix Blueberry V-01

Icon Themes by zb652
These are not my own work,they are Numix icons recoloured to match my Blueberry Plasma colour-scheme in Oomox,and I believe they are Numix Square? I have set them to inherit Deepin and Breeze icons,so if you don't have those installed you will have to edit it to icons of your choice. I'm afraid...
Rating: 5.0
May 25 2019

FF-BlackGreen 1.0

Icon Themes by felipefacundes
The FF-BlackGreen Theme is a dark theme based on the colors black and green. It is readable, dark and very attractive to the eye. For all the environment GTK, GTK2, GTK3, Cinnamon, Gnome, Gnome Shell, MATE, Deepin, XFCE, LXDE, Budgie, Metacity, Openbox and etc ... (FF - Felipe Facundes). O Tema...
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Rating: 6.3
May 21 2019

Canta icon theme

Icon Themes by vinceliuice
Canta icons theme --------------------------Info -------------------------- This theme use numix-icon-theme-circle for Inherits so if you want a better experience you can install numix-circlenumix-icon-theme-circle :https://github.com/numixproject/numix-icon-theme-circle
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Rating: 6.7
May 21 2019